Shuruvaat.. ‘Shuru-Vaat’

The beginning. I do not remember how many blogs I have created and deleted in due course of time after getting bored. I always promise myself that I will not delete this one for sure and keep posting. But then you get saturated and do not find any stuff to post. You start searching the internet for the free posts and copy-paste it on your blog. 
Copy the URL of your blog and post the same on various groups on social networking sites. The groups ban you and the number of hits comes to a standstill after a few days. Frustrating ? 
Well, there is always an option to delete your blog. 
Again, as I write this, I promise myself that I will never delete this one and the title of this post suggests my status in the days to come. One more task added to my ever busy schedule and that is of posting something new and weird everyday, every alternate day, every week, every month…. Lets keep it simple.. I will say.. Whenever I feel like posting.. 
Looking forward to a great blogging session with Ek Alag Duniya.. 
Hindi Marathi English.. A multilingual person I am and so will be my blog.. ! 🙂


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