The QR Code..

Scan This with QR Code Scanner to Go to my Blog..

There comes a day in your life when you get addicted to a particular thing. Obviously it is short lived but you enjoy doing things the way you should not have done them.
Today we had a guest lecture in the department and I really do not remember who delivered it but I remember what he delivered.
The QR Code… meaning Quick Response Code.. It is similar to the bar code but way too different graphically and also it can store more information than the barcode.
We visit general stores to shop and see that the attendants scan the bars on the products to get the information stored. On similar grounds a QR Code scanner scans the image generated by the QR Code generator and gives the information inside it.
It is a pretty amazing technology and I started believing this after the lecturer showed a video of the HOMEPLUS company who went on to become the worlds no.1 online shopping company by using this technology in the best way one can actually do.
They started putting up images of their products at specific places which experiences a lot of foot falls daily and enabled the customer to buy the products from those images which depicted the actual product. Thus they were successful in bringing the store to the customer instead of the customer visiting the store. This way the customers were attracted towards the technology as they used their smart phones to buy products they needed.
What you need to do :

Download any app that can scan QR Code and just hold it infront of any QR code. gives you a chance to create your own QR Code which can be used to generate images for contacts, texts, your website and many such things. 🙂
Enjoy QR Coding..!!


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