Season of Seasons..

I was never one among-st those who are addicted to the television series on the english broadcasting channels like Z Cafe, Star World, HBO and Fox TV. Everyday on Facebook I used to read almost 10 posts from 10 friends about Game of Thrones, Friends, How I met your Mother and such stuff. I always wondered what these series have to really offer ? Are they so interesting that a person can store it in his hard disk forever ? Is it worth to be saved in External HDD for life ?
Then I tried my hands on Friends.. which did not fascinate me at all and I switched to HIMYM just to check if I was wrong at first, but again it did not work out for me and I gave up. Game of Thrones looked quite interesting from its poster and everything but never had the guts to go on and watch something strange again.
Also, the passage of a few seasons before I started watching hindered me from watching things what everyone had already seen. So I preferred sticking to the Indian Shows and that too mainly the reality shows. Then cam ALMOST HUMAN which I came to know has started this month and has completed only 8 episodes of its first season.
I was again motivated to start the same old stuff and I downloaded the whole 8 episodes for a try.
Believe me, I got addicted. I go to the torrent sites every week searching for a new episode and download it. The show is simply amazing.
Today I discovered that House of Cards (HOC) premieres at 11pm and Yes now I can say I am well equipped with patience, time of the show, season of the show and the subject too. 😛
Because I am planning to build my future in the states.
Lets see how things work out with Francis ! 😛
Enjoy ! 😀


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