Agnee.. The Fire..

23rd Feb 2014.. Nagpur got drenched due to the heavy rains in the afternoon hours.. It was a rare snow storm which hit Nagpur today.. We were getting ready for the Agnee Live concert at VNIT Nagpur with excitement and eagerness to enter the auditorium first and conquer the very first line to be as close as possible to the stage. It happened.. Inspite of the bad weather and the risk of trees falling on the roads, electric wires slacking down and all the other odds which were enough to stop us, we went with all enthusiasm and reached the venue well well well before time. Collected the tickets and were ready to enter the auditorium. We could hear the sound check taking place inside as the band had been there since 2 hrs before we reached which showed how dedicated they actually are inspite of being the best of the bands out there in India. Agnee is a Indian Rock Band based in Pune which has given this country a lot of chart bursting songs popular among the young Indians.
And it started..
Mohan Kannan the lead vocalist started off with a power packed prayer in Agnee style and then it was done and dusted.. The audience was mesmerized and enthralled all over by the strong, powerful, soulful and amazingly brilliant music performances one after the other. It went on and on and on without even letting us care about the time and period we spent inside that hall. The Bassist, Lead Guitarist , Drummer and the Keyboard player seemed like Gods of Music, who have come on Earth to make the event a success. They were so professional and trained musicians that we could not sense minutest of flaws in their performance.
I had tweeted a few days back @agneemohan to sing our favorite song from the movie QUEEN named Kinaare.. While me and my friend were shouting the same, he heard us and told us that the band has not picked it up yet. We requested him to sing atleast one line and then he remembered someone tweeted him to sing it and he eventually asked us about the tweet.. We were shocked and surprised happily at the same time to get all the attention by a celebrity and my trust on twitter strengthened then and there itself.
Kudos to the team of VNIT and to the God on Modesty, humbleness, intelligence and humanity Mr.Shreyas Vasant Joshi, President, Aarohi for organizing and managing everything so well along with his team.
The bonding between the guys at VNIT was quite evident by the tears in their eyes when Mohan sang “Yaariyan” from cocktail and we suddenly realized..  ONE MONTH TO GO BEFORE IT ALL ENDS.. !
All in All.. Nagpur was wet, Agnee came with a Fire.. Dried it up.. And the music is spreading in the jungle of my soul like Wild Fire.. !
Always.. Forever.. AGNEE ! ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂


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