“Penn” is mightier than a sword !!!

27th September 2013. I accomplished the most amazing thing of my life. Though at that particular time I was unaware of the consequences. But I went ahead, keeping confidence high and filled in the application for the Masters Program in Industrial Engineering at Pennsylvania State University in the United States of America.
I had no clue and really no expectations to get a reply even from the college as I always thought that they consider students from Indian Institutes of Technology and from the National College in India. I am a student of a Regional College and this fact penetrated deep inside my brain to make me believe that the university is never going to accept me for the program. Even if they would have told me that they have reviewed my application would have been a great deal for me.
Not exaggerating further, I waited for 5 long months to finally see this day. On 1st January I received my first ever admit from Clemson University,South Carolina and the journey began. A new year gift from the university. I was hungry for more. People said- Dude.. Hahhaha.. You have applied to some of the most ambitious universities around, hope you get in but chances are not so great. I used to sink into my own world thinking whether I’d be able to make it to the dream destination.
I waited.. waited… and…… waited…
Told my friends that its my birthday on 3rd march and I hope that I will be in a position to finalize my destination university. I was disappointed when the clock showed 00:00 and the date changed to 4th March without any mail from the universities.
13th March, my father was coming home. I went to receive him at the station and we visited my uncle’s place to check if he is fine or not.
Dad said, lets have dinner out tonight. I could not agree more and we went to a nearby restaurant to relish Nagpur’s best dishes. Parents decided to go to the washroom and I decided to stay back and order food. While doing so, I just pressed the unlock button on my Samsung SS-100(SS=Super Slow Degree 100). I was surprised to see the Gmail Notification icon on the top. Unlocked my phone. Pulled down the strip and touched open the notification which read- ADMISSION DECISION.
Low on BP, shivering and abnormally crazy all at the same time I waited for the text to open and finally read – CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES.
I understood its obviously something positive, but the fact that PSU is low on international intake and a university with such rank will never admit me was making everything seem distant, till the time that pdf file was downloaded. I kept looking at the washroom door to see if they are coming. It opened. The first word read- CONGRATULATIONS………. ECSTATIC !!!!!!!!
Told my parents about it. Posted on whatsapp. Updated my Edulix status and also posted on the Facebook group.
I was not able to recollect my original self due the overwhelming happiness which had conquered my whole nervous system and almost made me shout so loud that no one could hear the loud noise.
I got what I never imagined of. Never mentioned about it while talking to friends.



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