One of those days..

We entered the room.
Sir: I am a bit busy. Please meet me after sometime.
This was not the first time we were rejected by our guide due to his busy schedule. We are used to it now.
Our project is regarding a Problem Builder which we got to know today, 3 days before the final presentation.
The group was formed by a very good friend of mine and we were the second ones to chose the guide for our group. The rank on which you choose your guide is a matter of pride because the best guides are picked up by the best guys in the first place.
We were so happy and decided to have SWOT analysis the next day we come to college. Every time you are take up a new thing to complete/accomplish you are excited like a free moving electron which finds a place to get settled and attain peace. Similarly, we were going through a phase which involved huge amount of brainstorming and a lot of arguments about what our project should actually be.
Finally as it had to happen we were handed over with a project left half way by our seniors.
P.S: It was highly manipulated but the presentation and looks were so awe inspiring that no one could ever make out the flaws. We got to know about the manipulations when we were into the final stages of our project. We were to program the sheets made by our senior in excel which was completed and then unfortunately changed by our guide and we were asked to do the same in Visual Basic.
I was having no knowledge about Visual Basic and my group members were having no knowledge about what they can achieve if they put their efforts along with me. So I stood up and when I looked back I had no one to back me up and help me along the way. I started spending more  time on my Computer than I ever did and I started learning the language which was just introduced by our guide.
Finally I discovered the way to get things done in the programs and I started developing the knack of coding in VB.
Soon I realized that out group i.e ONLY ME … 😛 are the only working group and the other groups in the class have taken up some easy jobs or paid some outside persons to build their projects.
But we were never de-moralized because the examples quoted by our guide were worth implementing in our lives and we continued with the same grit and determination to finally reach the stage where we stand today.
When we met our guide today, he seemed to be satisfied enough and finally realized that my students have pulled off a great job and they are now interested in completing it even after the External Viva. So finally today we can say that we achieved something. It was not only the satisfaction of our guide that we obtained into our minds but also the satisfaction of learning something new. A new experience. A new Language. Respect in minds of the contemporaries.

Happy and Satisfied. One of those days since last 2 years when I can proudly say… I AM AN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER ! 🙂


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