Gunday (2014)

Starring: Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra
Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar

Gunday promised to be a very thrilling and enjoyable experience when the promos were out for the audiences. The movie hit the theaters and got off to a great start due the much created hype by the media. And it fell flat on face with nothing to offer other than a story copied and pasted from the good old movies which had reality in them. Bikram and Bala are two friends since childhood and they are born to be rogue and rowdy in all senses. They start with weird businesses and finally land into the business of coal which enables them to become rich enough to rule Kolkata with the power of money and their friendship. Then comes a girl into their lives who obviously will try to create a rift between them and also a police officer who is behind these rowdy friends. Promises, conditions and tasks form the next part of the movie which are a bit enjoyable and do help you pass the time sitting at one place. The girl is successful in doing so and yes they separate. Then one fine day as it had to happen they come to know that the girl is also involved in the operation with the police department and she herself is an officer. This brings them back together and they remember their friendship to be cherished on forever. During all this there is a weird fight between a disloyal worker of them and both the heroes and finally we reach the climax where we see that both of them are running towards the train filled with coal and the director tries to show that their heart will never die or will never get suppressed. Shots are fired but it is left upon us to make conclusions if they died or not.
All in all it is worth a MISS  ! 😛


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