Shahid (2013)

Starring: Rajkumar Rao and Prabhleen Sandhu
Directed By: Hansal Mehta

How many times have you seen a movie showcasing the life of a person who fights for the terrorists ?
I assume NEVER. Shahid portrays the life of a terrorist turned lawyer who takes up the task of defending the allegedly accused common people of being behind certain attacks on mankind. The protagonist is fighting with the opposition in the courts to seek justice for his clients and while doing so he meets Prabhleen and solves her case too. Getting friendly and being impressed by him they decide to marry. Prabhleen is a divorcee and has a son to take care of which is a well accepted fact by Rajkumar. They start a new life. But as the story moves ahead, Shahid gets too much indulged in the cases he is fighting for and starts thinking that the people who have booked him as their lawyer have no one else other than him. He starts believing that it is his prime duty to provide justice to them and let them live the life they deserve. The bottom line of almost every case he fights struggles to set free the common man who is caught by the police every time such a criminal activity takes place just because of this cast, creed or religion.
As time goes by, Shahid becomes a popular lawyer but also takes upon himself the tag of a lawyer who fights for terrorists. This is depicted as something related to his past life and thus people start defaming him. The movie ends with Shahid’s assassination by the haters and finally his friend takes his place to propagate the message further.
Hansal Mehta touches a serious issue and his different outlook and take on this issue touches you. The movie is quite engrossing and lets your mind rolling in that direction.
A must watch for the Serious Cinema Goers.


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