It was the 25th Wedding Anniversary of my friend’s parents. They had organized a small party in a hotel near my home. Well, it was known to us since the very first year we entered our branch that the Head of our department is hi family friend and they are quite close to each other. Uncle and our HOD studied in the same gujarati school when they were kids and thus their friendship blossomed which is worth mentioning even today.
I used to tease my friend by telling him that he will never fail in any of the exams due to his relations and stuff.

Today, when I saw my HOD enter into the hall… Let me tell you.. this man carries an aura surrounding him. I respect him the most in our college and I feel that if there has to be a professor in this world it has to be our HOD.
Now the first reaction you have on your face is you are Amused to see a professor from your college in a party where you are to enjoy and have a gala time, dancing on the DJ tracks and teasing friends.
The next moment you seem to feel good and happy about his presence because it is obviously going to bridge the gap between you and he as a professor.
Then comes the time when he starts behaving like you. He becomes young and he also does the stuff you are likely to do at a party. He dances, sings and sits with friends to chat for hours. These things reflect the young person residing in him and that is the moment when you start feeling Awkward.
I really do not know where this feeling comes from but yes it is the truth that – YOU HOLD AN IMAGE IN YOUR MIND WHICH YOU DO NOT WISH TO ERASE EVER.. !
However.. I Respect him the most and feel like he is a Godlike personality in our college.  🙂