Yes.. I am Alive..

You live in a country where all the doors are closed on your face.
You live in a country where the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer.
You live in a country where there is no chance for an individual to develop his personality.
You live in a country where rules are bent for a bloody idiotic politician but not for a normal intelligent human being.
I pity you if you really live in such a worthless country and at the same time I feel surprised to know the fact that YOU ARE ALIVE.. !

The crazy and horribly messed up system of Indian Administration has recently devastated my daily routine. I know this must have happened with almost every other responsible citizen of this wonderful, holy, rich country called India.
You enter an office and try to figure out the way to get your work done. Soon you see that the clock has hit sharp 1:30 and the officials ( who do not deserve to live ) stand up and walk towards the washrooms.
In my opinion these people must be sacked inside these toilets and one should force them to smell the filth inside that room which is equivalent to the filth they have spread around in their offices.
A student wants to realize his dream of getting educated in a world class university. A normal Indian cannot afford the expenses required for the education abroad unless and until he is sitting in the chair of a stupid government officer who is used to taking benefits from his “CUSTOMERS”. The normal Indian then tries his hands at the Banks for loan. Private banks will suck the blood out of that person, so he eventually visits a Nationalized bank to do the needful. He comes to know that there are so many papers involved before the sanctioning of loan that if you sit and start counting the papers you will realize that the papers are more than the currency notes of the amount required. Moreover all the papers are to be in the perfect state and there is not even the slightest amount of consideration for students.
You go home try to find out all the papers and finally reach the bank, where you again get disappointed as the papers are not up to the mark. You then start searching for alternatives to correct the papers. And here comes the role of those stupid authorities who play with our system mentally and physically too. They make you run hundreds and thousands of times for the papers which can be designed by any 22 year old guy on his computer in a power point presentation software. The papers are of no use and there is a chain reaction initiating to take out one paper for one small cause.

A student who wants to study, get educated, earn for his living more than a normal Indian can in his country is stopped due to all such reasons and finally ends up earning Rs.30000 in a country which has endless expenditures even for a middle class family.
Finally, he realizes, either he was wrong when he took birth or he took birth in the wrong country.
At last, the least he can say and be happy about is —- YES.. I AM ALIVE… !